Preconference Workshops: FS, Spotlight Speakers, MIH Award Winner

Preconference Workshops by Featured Speakers, Midwest Spotlight Educators and Making IT Happen Winner

Andy Wall, Making IT Happen 2015 Winner
2015 Making IT (Instructional Technology) Happen Award Winner, METC ISTE affiliate
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P22, Half Day AM, Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Audience Grade Level: K-12, Strand: Innovative Instruction
Getting Started with Minecraft
Andy Wall, 2015 Making IT Happen Award Winner, K-8 Innovation Instructor, Orchard Farm, St. Peters, Missouri 

Are you ready to transform your instruction? Minecraft is a 3D "sandbox" game that can be played on multiple devices and platforms and used in just about any curricular area. Because of the freedom in the game, crafting and other basic elements, you can use the game to increase the engagement and effectiveness of your lessons. Lessons ranging from simple to extremely complex, the possibilities are endless for the creative learner. Come to this workshop to strategize your implementation and begin developing ideas for lessons you can do with your students!
BYOD: Your preferred version of Minecraft already downloaded to your device. More information will be sent to those that register.

Check out the video that the presenter made in Minecraft!
Minecraft Precon Workshop Video

Nikki Robertson, Library & Media Literacy Featured Speaker
Nikki Robertson
Featured Speaker

P23, Half Day PM, Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Audience Grade Level: PreK-12, Strand: Innovative Instruction
MakerSpaces in the Library: Letting Genius SHINE! ~ This Workshop is Now Full 
Nikki Robertson, Featured Speaker, Huntsville, Alabama 

A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. A library can be a perfect location for this type of space. In this workshop you will play with a variety of makerspace tools, have opportunities to connect, share and collaborate, and learn a variety of ways to create and organize a makerspace in your library that will let genius SHINE!
BYOD: Device of choice with wifi access.

Nikki will also be the keynote speaker for the Library & Media Literacy Luncheon on February 10.

Manuel HerreraManuel Herrera
Midwest Spotlight Educator

P24, Half Day AM, Tech Level: Beginner
Audience Grade Level: K-12, Strand: Digital Tools & Creation
If They Can Design It, They can 3D Print It
Manuel Herrera, 2016 Midwest Spotlight Educator, Coordinator of 1:1 Programming, Affton School District, St. Louis, Missouri

Dustin Klenke, Science Teacher, Union R-XI School District, Union, Missouri
Valerie Bush, Technology Integration Specialist, Affton Middle School, St. Louis, Missouri

Curious about 3D printing and it’s potential in K-12 classrooms, libraries or design spaces but have no experience? Are you intimidated by the techy stuff? Well we are here to help. Our workshop will introduce you to 3D printing in a K12 environment and how it can be used across a variety of subjects and grade levels. We’ll show you classroom examples and you’ll learn how to use the tools needed to print. You’ll even print something beautiful.
BYOD: iPad (with Morphi app installed) or laptop with wifi access.

Donnie PierceyDonnie Piercey
Featured Speaker

P25, Half Day AM, Tech Level: All
Audience Grade Level: PreK-5, Strand: Innovative Instruction
EdTech in the Elementary ~ This Workshop is Now Full 
Donnie Piercey, Featured Speaker, Lexington, Kentucky

EdTech at the elementary school level? Absolutely! It not only provides simple ways for your students to collaborate and create, but also makes for easy student, parent, and teacher communication. Come learn some innovative ways that Google Certified Innovator and Trainer Donnie Piercey uses technology with his fifth graders at a small school just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Whether you're 1:1, BYOD, or only have access to a single computer, your elementary classroom can still get connected.
BYOD: Device of choice with wifi access.