Midwest Spotlight Educators

2017 Midwest Spotlight Educators
The deadline has now passed
Deadline: May 2, 2016

This recognition honors leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. This is reflected in increased knowledge, improved skills and academic achievement by integrating technology into their instructional practices. Those selected as spotlight educators must be a certified educator in any of the Missouri neighboring states (Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma and Tennessee), must have completed the submission process and have extensive experience in edtech. They have demonstrated motivation, transformation and connection using technology to improve teaching and learning. Those chosen as Midwest Spotlight Educators are eligible again for the honor five years after they’ve received it. 

All Midwest Spotlight Educators receive:

1. Free Registration to METC 2017
2. One Year membership to the METC ISTE affiliate
3. Certificate of Recognition
4. Press Release
5. Recognition during METC

Application/Nomination Requirements
1. If you apply, you will need to supply two references. If you are nominated, one additional reference is needed.
2. All applicants/nominees are required to submit a video that demonstrates their presentation skills. The video criteria for the applicant/nominee is listed below.
        -The video must start with you on camera introducing yourself.
        -Show an example of the outcome/impact of your work. For example: the impact on students by showing student work, etc. or the impact on teacher by testimonials, teacher work, etc.
        -Describe the impact.
        -Time limit of 2 minutes. Citation of sources is not included in the time limit.
        -Cite all sources, including your own.

Midwest Spotlight Educator Requirements:

1. Attend METC 2017 both February 14 and February 15, 2017. (free)
2. Present two sessions total. One February 14 and one February 15. This does not include sessions with co-presenters or pre-conference workshops.
3. Agree to have your name and picture advertised in eNewsletters, the METC website and other conference promotional materials.