Call for Proposal Information

Important Dates

Preconference Workshop Proposal Deadline: July 17, 2016
General Session Proposal Deadline: September 1, 2016
Proposal Status Notifications Sent: October 2016

Presentation Proposal Process Timeline

All are welcome to submit presentation proposals to METC*. Sessions will be accepted based on connection to the conference theme and level of interest to attendees. All proposals will be scored and reviewed by the METC Conference Committee once the submission deadline has passed. Applicants will receive notice of the status of their proposal(s) in October 2016.

Preconference Workshop Proposal Deadline: July 17, 2016
All preconference workshops take place on Monday, February 13. Workshops can be either three hours or six hours in length.

General Session Breakout Session Proposal Deadline: September 1, 2016
All general sessions will take place on Tuesday, February 14 and Wednesday, February 15. 

Session Types:

General Session (50 Minutes)
Panel Session (50 Minutes)
Poster Session (90 Minutes)
BYOD General Session (1 hour & 55 Minutes)

Exhibitor Session Types:
Exhibitor Plus Educator 50 Minute Session: An educator who is currently in the classroom must be the primary presenter for the session and selling of the product is not permitted. The focus is rather to show how the educator themselves uses the product.
Exhibitor Demo 50 Minute Session: A demo session allows the exhibitor to demo their product without the requirement of an educator as the primary presenter. 

Read up on the different session types.
General Session Proposal Draft Template: This word document can be used to develop your proposal. Text can then be copied and pasted into the online form.
Preconference Workshop Proposal Draft Template: This word document can be used to develop your proposal. Text can then be copied and pasted into the online form.

Presenter Requirements

All METC presenters are required to register for the conference by December 14, 2016. After acceptance notices have been sent, presenters will receive instructions on how to register with the presenter discounted rate. Presenters are required to provide a link to any presentation resources which will be posted in the METC app. More information is located on the Presenter Info page.

Submit a Preconference Workshop Proposal
Half day and full day workshops
Taking place February 13, 2017

Submit a General Session Proposal
50 Minute and 1 Hour & 55 Minute Sessions
Taking place February 14-15, 2017

If you have any questions contact Megan Moncure,, 314-692-1202.