Strand Descriptions

1. Digital Tools & Creation

Focus: A focus on the tools being used in the classroom, school, district, etc. as well as digital creation. Target Audience: Classroom teachers.

  1. Coding
  2. Video cameras, video production
  3. 3D Printing, 3D design
  4. Music, Art, Journalism, Yearbook, eBooks, Media Arts
  5. Podcasts
  6. Animation / Multimedia
  7. Game based learning

2. Innovative Instruction
Focus: Sharing best practices that integrate technology tools for teaching and learning into the classroom. Target Audience: is preK-16 educators.

  1. Flipped Instruction / Modified Flipped Classroom "In-Class" Flipped
  2. Differentiated Instruction / Personalized Instruction / Individualized Instruction
  3. Project Based Learning / Problem Based Learning
  4. Online Learning
  5. Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  6. Subject/Content Area Focus / STEM
  7. Online Learning
  8. Blended Learning
  9. Social Networking (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr)
  10. Career & Technical Education (CTE)

3. Leadership 
Focus: Providing guidance and focused support for all educators. Target Audience: Professional development directors, curriculum coordinators, technology specialists, technology directors, and administrators.

  1. Professional Learning
  2. Assessment / Using Data
  3. Implementing technology standards
  4. Professional Learning Communities & Networks (PLC & PLN)
  5. Policy & Leadership
  6. Community Outreach
  7. Communication

4. Library
Focus: Information and communications literacy. Target Audience: Library media specialists, technology integration specialists, and those educators responsible for teaching literacy and communication arts.

  1. Copyright, Fair Use & Creative Commons
  2. Library & classroom collaboration
  3. Transforming Content & Copyright

5. Technical Infrastructure & Support
Focus: Technology information, security, and infrastructure of the educational institutions and implementation of 1:1, BYOD (bring your own device), Sharepoint/cloud computing. Target Audience: IT administrators, technology directors whose job includes IT, IT technicians.

  1. Security
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Storage
  5. Help Desk - management, operation and control
  6. Network Management
  7. Desktop Support
  8. Mobile Device Management
  9. Inventory control and retrieving lost devices